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Feels Good
Nelson Host Santiago
The Bronx

Mixed Media Canvas, 30 x 12”

Undetectable Eunice
Brenda Gordon
Delray Beach, Florida

Acrylic on canvas framed 50 x 38”

Artist Statement:
In this portrait of Nina Simone, aka., Eunice Kathleen Waymon, I tried to capture the many facets of her life.
The distressed background represents her meager upbringing and the struggle of rejection. 
The horns of the conch shell represent her seven siblings, and the shell itself a crown for her title as 
”High Priestess of Soul” and her time in Barbados.
The pearl earring represents her talent - the tear-drop shape: sadness and frustration. 
Her nakedness represents vulnerability, trust and open-ness in performing music for all the world to see.

In a style described as contemporary realism, this beautiful portrait of Amazing Nina will captivate you as her soulful music captivated the world.
Trouble In Mind
Carlyn Krall
Harrisburg, PA

Digital Illustration, framed print 16 x 20" printed in CMYK UV inks

Artist statement: I'd never heard of Ms. Simone until a few years ago. When I listened to her music, I could feel her sorrow over lost loves and the many struggles in her life. Her song Trouble in Mind captures her strife in words, my artwork captures her mood in tones of deep blue-purple.
Liberian Calypso
Nia Andino
Bayonne, New Jersey

Oil on Canvas with Cloth, 28 x 22"
Ajamu Kojo

Pastel, Charcoal & gold leaf work on paper, 23 x 30”, Framed
Paco May
Santiago, Chile

Digital Print, 31 x 31”
Revolutionary Nina
Galya Gubchenko

Framed Print, 11 x 16”
The Last Rose of Summer
Chris Gerbaux
Grenoble, France

Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Rolled

Artistic Statement: This portrait of Nina Simone is the first of the collection that I started in April 2014, when I started listening to many of  Nina’s songs. Nina was the reason that I changed my style from abstract to portraits, and she is  my first inspiration.
Eunice or Nina
Elizabeth Jonsson

Oil on Canvas, 40 x 28”, Rolled
Nina Simone, Raw
Fernanda Cohen
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ink & gouache, 9 x 12”
I Don’t Trust You Anymore
Paris, France

Canvas, 17 x 23”, Rolled

Artist Statement: One voice, one star and many artists want to draw this talent. 
Colors of Nina
Vincenzo Rosato

Digital Print on Canvas, 12 x 12”
Soul of Genius
Marcus Muse
Oklahoma City

Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20”, Framed

Artist Statement: A revolutionary genius of her time, Nina exhibits the unfiltered essence of the black struggle and fiery passion that animates in our own bodies. That passion exists in us all. We identify with the soul that is Nina Simone but we are truly looking at ourselves.
High Priestess of Soul
Buggsy Malone
Oakland, California

Digital Print on Canvas, 12 x 12”

Black Diamond

Merryl Jaye

Los Angeles, CA


Hand-Painted Enhanced Giclee Framed, 29 x32”

Little Girl Blue
San Siguenza
New York City

Watercolor Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20”
Nina and her Band
Maribel Mejia
New York City

Mixed medium, framed canvas boardx 24”
Freedom is Mine
Mi Matsui 
Apucarana, Brazil

$75 Framed, 
$35 Unframed Prints
Hand drawn, digitally colored & printed, 13 x 19”
What Party?
Savannah McAnally
Austin, Texas

Digital Print on Canvas, 12 x 12”
Black Diamond
Merryl Jaye
Los Angeles, CA

Hand-Painted Enhanced Giclee Framed, 29 x32”
Pam Larson
Tryon, North Carolina

Ball Point Pen on Canvas, 32 x 24”
Black Classical Music
Paul Barton
Bangkok, Thailand

Portrait Sculpture in Bronze, limited edition of 8
Silk and Soul
Paul Barton
Bangkok, Thailand

Oil on Canvas
Young Simone Stare: 
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
Rebecca Zai
Edmonton, Canada

Oil on Canvas,  18 x 24”

Artist Statement: Nina Simone’s deep, sensual and emotionally laden voice plays in the background while I paint.  Nina’s ability to communicate strife, pain, power and joy is unrivaled.
Feeling Good
Rob Jelinski
Bloomfield, NJ

Ink on Paper (mounted on PVC presentation Board),  8 x 11"

Artist Statement: “Feeling Good” pays tribute to the timeless voice and spirit of Nina Simone with dark simplistic ink lines as her lyrics, from her famous song of the same name, filling the white void.
Suresh Kumar

Digital Print on Canvas, 12 x 12”
Sugar In My Bowl
Tanya Pierre
New York City

Watercolor and Collage on Paper, 12 x 16”
Singing Young, Gifted and Black
Cindi Thomas
Capistrano Beach, California

Acrylic and Mixed Media: Paper and porcelain china. 12 x 24"

The High Priestess of Soul
Christine Schnoell
Salzburg, Austria

Digital Print on Canvas, 48 x 36”, Rolled

Artist Statement: This artwork is part of my series: Golden Box, Love Icons: people who really reached my soul.
The High Priestess
Anitra Frazier

Digital Printing of Acrylic Painting, 12 x 16", Framed
Nina Simone Fragmented
Apanaki Temitayo Minerve
Toronto, Canada

African Textiles, Oil Pen and Acrylic on Wooden Canvas, 24 x 30"
I Shall Be Released
Virginia Palyka

8.5 x 11” framed

Artist Statement: Named after one of her songs, ‘I Shall Be Released’ is a small but powerful piece of artwork combining photographic portraits of Nina with symbolism behind her music.  Shown wearing a pharaoh-style headdress made of piano keys, Nina is smoking a cigarette, looking directly at the audience.  A giant scarab adorns her shirt.  Below, three cuts of Nina sitting at her piano, free but still trapped within a box.   
4 women

Photography Series

Artist Statement: These images represent what I envision when I listen to my favorite song by Nina Simone. Aunt Sarah, the Matriarch of her family, Safronia the woman caught between two worlds, Sweet Thang, the survivor and Peaches the rebel.
painting from my "Come to my Garden" series inspired by Minnie Riperton
Derin Fletcher
Akron, Ohio

Digital painting printed on 8.5 x 11” framed canvas
Nina ReBorn
Tunu Thom

Beaded wearable art

Artist Statement:  I have been in love with Nina Simone since I first heard "Plain Gold Ring" at the age of 9.  As an actor, dancer and beadwork artist, I have researched her life and found countless amazing stories and truths that shaped the woman and artist genius that make up the legacy of Nina Simone.  I have always had a fascination with the future and everyone usually agrees that Nina was "ahead of her time.” It was only natural for me to ponder the idea of Nina Simone in the distant future. What if Nina had been born in say 5019? What if she had been born in a time that totally supported her genius? This is what I think she would wear...maybe on a Tuesday.
Nina Simone Couture
Josiah Golson
Chattanooga, TN

Marker and Acrylic on 9 x 12" Paper

Artist Statement: This piece expresses the confidence and individuality of Nina Simone's art and persona through an illustrated style and celebrated fashion of identity.
I Put A Spell On You
André Trenier
The Bronx

Acrylic on canvas 9' x  3'

Artist Statement: This piece began completely abstract, then evolved over a period of two weeks, 
while I painted to the sounds of Nina Simone radio.

Micah Sherrill
Black Mountain, NC

24 x 8", acrylic, polyester resin, and steel on wood


Framed Digital Prints, 8.5 x 11”

An Artist’s Duty
Hallie Harris

Acrylic on Canvas, 12x12x12”

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Queen Nina Simone
Andres Gallardo.
Brentwood, NY

Stencil, Acrylic and Spray Paint on 14 Vinyl Records.
Little Sheba

Acrylic on Canvas,  18 x 24"
Pink Cigarette
Shai Yossef

Acrylic on canvas, 27.5 x 39”

Sea Line Woman
Malik Seneferu
Richmond, California

Giclee, 12 x 21”

Artist Statement:  I was inspired to paint Nina in the nude upon speaking to several of her friends and finding out that was often how she was most comfortable. The title comes from a song she performed for many decades.  It also speaks to NINA as a the female shaman that she was throughout her career.
Framed Digital Prints, 8.5 x 11”
Includes Full Film with Closed Captions and Subtitles in French, Spanish & Portuguese.

PLUS: Bonus Interviews not previously seen, an Art Gallery, Trailers and more.

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